Tuesday, August 28, 2018

PENCHANT - 10,000 PCT ($1) - 3.9 / 5 (100% Real)

PENCHANT - 10,000 PCT ($1) - 3.9 / 5 (100% Real)
Penchant token is a virtual currency designed to work as a mediumof appreciation towards people of natural skills or in better sense ( talented or gifted individuals). It is a token created for the purpose of a social community where skills or talent can be really appreciated. Low valued airdrop, but the number of tokens is huge. We hope for a high upward potential.

1) Visit the Penchant airdrop Google form.
2) Join their Telegram group AND their announcement Channel

3) follow them on twitter and this post 1 and post 2, + tag 5 friends+ use this text: #Penchant #PCT #airdrop #crypto #crowdsale #bounty
4) Like them on facebook, share the pinned post and comment positively about the project in your repost.

5) Submit your details to the Google Form to claim up to 10,000 PCT tokens and earn 2,000 PCT tokens for each referral.

** Earn 30,000 PCT Extra in the Voting program **
1) Signin at Mercatox or click here for an account
2) After your login, click here for the Voting link
3) Click the grey thumb and confirm your vote, so the thumb becomes green. 
4) Make a screen print as proof and submit all details to this Google Form to claim your tokens.


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